Gamer’s Almanac is a game news and review website founded in 2017 by Jen Stacey, known also as Almanac. It aims to inform readers about games of varied genres, and also engage with the gaming community at large. Gamer’s Almanac focuses on reporting about independently developed games and is interested in taking a close look at the process of developing a game.

Jen Stacey is the Editor in Chief at Gamer’s Almanac. She has been playing videogames and writing ever since childhood. Her passion for writing, her love for games, and her interest in the way both are made is what inspired her to found Gamer’s Almanac. She hopes to bring the perspective of the developer to the gamer and also report on smaller, independent titles to give them the attention they deserve. She strongly believes that there is an intersection between videogames and art, and is most interested in how games can serve as a vehicle for creating and storytelling.

To get in touch, please Contact Us. Gamer’s Almanac is always accepting requests from developers for reporting on their games, and loves to hear from the community of readers and gamers that follow this site.