Review: Slowdrive Showcases Casual Racing in a Colorful World

Slowdrive is an adorable mix between racing game, puzzle, and simulator created by OneBraveRobot. Racing games can often struggle to set themselves apart in a genre that is flooded with similar titles. The solution is often to make the game that can give the player the greatest sense of escapism with flashier, faster, and photorealistic cars and racetracks. That, or to go the Nintendo route and fill the map with so many twists, obstacles, and items that the simple mechanic of driving doesn’t always stay the focus. In these games, you often play a driver with sharp leather gloves and the look of a winner. You dream of the finish line, and you are going to get you there fast as they can. When you start up a racing game, you don’t exactly expect this… Continue Reading

Preview: 50 Years Brings Speedy Strategy to Casual Gamers

50 Years is a speedy, turn based strategy game from developer Aleksandr Golovkin. In 50 years, the player chooses a Nation that they must lead to victory over the course of, you guessed it, 50 Years. 50 Years is at heart a resource management strategy game; using Gold, Faith, Food, and Wood, the player must construct buildings and hire citizens and armed forces in order to survive as long as possible. Every turn is one year, and with each turn you earn new resources from your citizens and any bonuses you may have. Along the way you earn rewards from battle encounters, are granted unique powers through blessings, and must fight to survive against frequent waves of invaders.

Preview: Felled by Ambition, MyWorld gets Lost in the Sandbox

MyWorld — Action RPG Maker is an ambitious game, even in early access. It sells itself as “Little Big Planet meets Dark Souls, Zelda & Diablo!”, and aims to provide the player with everything they need to enjoy an immersive RPG experience. MyWorld asks the question: sure it’s fun to play an RPG, but wouldn’t… Continue reading Preview: Felled by Ambition, MyWorld gets Lost in the Sandbox

Preview: Dungeons and Death Await in Motion Twin’s Dead Cells

For as long as I’ve been gaming, I’ve been catching up and trying to absorb all the games that are out there at a rapid pace. I started a little after what many now consider to have been a golden age of gaming; I was playing classics when they were already three or four games deep into their franchise. By the time I started to consider myself a gamer, I was working out the puzzles in Resident Evil 4 and Windwaker for the first time.

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Think Fast, Move Faster: Tiles and Cublast HD Showcase the Beauty in Simplicity

Puzzles find their way into many of the video games we play, from lockpicking mini-games to entire dungeons based upon movement patterns and object shifting. While aspects of the puzzle genre may be common, the games that go all in and dedicate themselves entirely to this brain-teasing test of skill are often under-recognized. Today, we’re taking a look at Tiles and Cublast HD, two recent puzzle games that fit in a genre we like to call Reflex Puzzle, where your brain and your hands have to work fast and together to achieve a goal.

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Review: Tribute Games Strikes Gold with Space-Pirate Platformer Flinthook

It would be foolish to bury the hook here in anything but the hull of a pirate ship: Flinthook is an instant classic, and it deserves more praise than just one review can give. Montreal developer Tribute Games has created something energetic and beautiful that plays like a dream. Well balanced mechanics, an immersive pirate-filled world, and procedurally generated levels with a hand-crafted feel all come together to create a surefire hit. With all this in mind, let’s waste no time and dive right in to what makes Flinthook such a compelling videogame.

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Review: Rewards for the Risk-taker in Ruin of the Reckless

Ruin of the Reckless is a forthcoming rogue-like retro brawler from developers Faux-Operative Games. In it you play as lost soul Stargrove or Stella, and you’re tasked with climbing to the top of a treacherous tower for the chance to have one wish granted. After a closer look at the rogue-like genre and an interview with developer Charles Webb, it’s time to share our thoughts on the game.

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So What About: Northgard

Northgard is a viking strategy game from developers Shiro Games, known for their time-traveling romp Evo-land, and was released early access on Steam last week. In just that short time, it’s already generated positive reviews, produced high playrates, and created a lot of buzz. With just one of its three game modes released and more to come, it already has a 90.8% positive approval rating on steam and an all time peak of over 2,000 players at once, which is especially high for an indie game. Gamers are raving about the adventures of these bearded and tough cartoon vikings, but what is all the buzz about?

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So What About: Armello

Armello, fantasy board game by developers League of Geeks (LoG), is a sight for sore eyes. The game is currently available on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4, and it is slated for an IOS release early 2017. The game balances beauty and strategy to create an immersive—and addictive—experience. This trailer is just a taste of some of the masterfully rendered artwork created by LoG’s team, and the haunting sounds there serve as the soundtrack for this smart game that so quickly captured my interest.

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