What Happens When You Die: Rogue-Likes, Rogue-Lites, and Everything in Between.

What happens when you die? Well, according to some of the games in one of our favorite and most unforgiving genres, you start all over again. Today Gamer’s Almanac takes a look at five of our favorite recent games inspired by the rogue-like genre to uncover what it is about these classic and challenging titles that… Continue reading What Happens When You Die: Rogue-Likes, Rogue-Lites, and Everything in Between.

Interview with Kova developers Mandy and Blake Lowry

Last week, Gamer’s Almanac reported on the new metroidvania sidescroller Kova from Black Hive Media. Now we’ve sat down for an interview with Mandy and Blake—Black Hive Media’s head coder and artist, respectively—to talk about their game from concept to kickstarter and learn more about what it takes to tackle the mysteries of space.

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Kickstarting Engines with Kova

Meet Kova, a Metroidvania sidescroller with the controls of a FPS, the heart of an RPG, and the curiosity required to unravel the Fermi Paradox. Kova is the first PC title from Texas game makers Black Hive Media. Kova has just announced its kickstarter today after being successfully greenlit by the Steam community. As Kova’s support grows and the developers release more information, it’s time for a roundup of what we know.

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Photo Tour: No Man’s Sky

In honor of No Man’s Sky’s pathfinder update and 40% off weekend deal on Steam, Gamer’s Almanac is sharing a photo series of some of the most beautiful No Man’s Sky moments we’ve encountered with No Man’s Sky’s new photo mode and graphic updates.

No Man’s Sky is a space exploration and survival game developed by Hello Games. It is available on Playstation 4 and Windows for $59.99 USD (on sale for $35.99 through 3/13/17.) To read about No Man’s Sky’s connection to artistic games, check out our article “The Plight of the Creative Game.”

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So What About: Northgard

Northgard is a viking strategy game from developers Shiro Games, known for their time-traveling romp Evo-land, and was released early access on Steam last week. In just that short time, it’s already generated positive reviews, produced high playrates, and created a lot of buzz. With just one of its three game modes released and more to come, it already has a 90.8% positive approval rating on steam and an all time peak of over 2,000 players at once, which is especially high for an indie game. Gamers are raving about the adventures of these bearded and tough cartoon vikings, but what is all the buzz about?

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The Plight of the Creative Game: Featuring Genesis Noir

Last week, Brooklyn newcomers Feral Cat Den released a teaser for Genesis Noir, “a poetic adventure game set before, during, and after The Big Bang.” The title is set for release in 2018 on Mac and PC. The animation is elegant and the concept is intriguing, but if you remove the cursor and final tagline from the teaser it might be mistaken for a short film instead of a game. It’s likely that some gamers will write it off on that fact alone, dismissing it as a just creative piece rather than a “real” game, and miss out on experiencing a potentially exciting noir chapter in gaming. Feral Cat Den describes their game as having “an emphasis on exploration, simple interactions, and generative art … with tactile gameplay.” They’ve set it up to be a unique and imaginative experience, and thus opened themselves up for criticism from some. A question arises from this sad truth: when did games stop being considered creative?

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What do we know: Night in the Woods

October 2013 was a long time ago. So long, in fact, that since then I’ve graduated both high school and college, abandoned and rediscovered my dream for a career in gaming, and forgotten that I even kick-started this game in the first place. So imagine my surprise when Humble Bundle informed me that I had one key yet to be redeemed: a pre-order for Night in the Woods. After a long wait the night is almost here, so as we look forward to tomorrow, what do we know about Night in the Woods?

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